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SQL/Anywhere Interfacing

I was wondering what other think is the best (most stable, fast, flexible
etc) way to access SQL/Anywhere databases.  I know of three means:

2: ODBC Express
3: Titan SQL/Anywhere

Does anyone have thoughts?



Re:SQL/Anywhere Interfacing

>Does anyone have thoughts?

I like with odbc.

Using the BDE is just plain dumb with ODBC. Why? Odbc provides it's
own buffering so why use another layer between you and it?

Titan is probably a fine product from a fine company but I don't have
any specific experience with it.

My theory is that ODBC is a standard and the same tools/code I use to
develop using ODBC can be used against, duh, other odbc backends.
It's plenty fast if the driver is and the SQL A driver is excellent.

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Re:SQL/Anywhere Interfacing


I haven't tried Titan, but I have tried ODBC Express.  And I loved it.
 As a form of anecdotal evidence, you may be aware that SQL Anywhere
had a problem (until recently with V5.5.04) with providing BLOBS > 32K
to Delphi.  When I informed DataSoft (makers of ODBC Express), they
coded a workaround for me - AND THAT WAS BEFORE I BOUGHT IT!

Needless to say, I coughed up the cost pretty quick - and haven't
looked back.

Derek Davidson

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