BDE 5.02 Upgrade availability

I just wanted to let you know that the BDE 5.02 update install should be
available for download from the web site by the end of Friday,
February 19, 1999.  This upgrade install will require a currently installed
version of the 32-bit BDE.  You should be able to use your existing Delphi 4
or C++ Builder 4 InstallShield Express to build BDE deployment installs.

Here's excerpt from the BDE readme for C++ Builder 4 on some of what's
changed between 5.01 and 5.02.  There is additional information in the full
readme for the upgrade install:

Transaction Isolation Levels & InterBase
By adding 4096 to the setting of DRIVER FLAGS in the
Borland Database Engine (BDE) configuration, you can
specify that the InterBase SQL Links driver should use soft
commits. Soft commits are a feature of InterBase that let
the driver retain the cursor when committing changes. Soft
commits improve performance on updates to large sets of
data. When not used, the BDE must re-fetch all the records,
even for a single record change. With soft commit the
cursor is retained, and a re-fetch is not needed. Soft
commits are never used in explicit transactions started by
BDE client applications. The soft commit property
corresponds to the COMMIT RETAINING transaction option in
the InterBase documentation.

  DRIVER FLAGS  Isolation level  Commit type
  ------------  ---------------  ------------
  0             Read committed   hard commit
  512           Repeatable read  hard commit
  4096          Read committed   soft commit
  4608          Repeatable read  soft commit

The 4096 driver flag bit only affects implicit transaction
behavior. Use the COMMIT RETAINING property to control the
default commit behavior of explicit transactions.

InterBase allows users to log in by specifying a role.
ROLE NAME is a new BDE configuration parameter that allows
BDE clients to pass a role name. ROLE NAME can also be
passed as an optional parameter when using a TDatabase
component (Delphi and C++Builder).

This information supersedes that in the InterBase 5.5
Operations Guide, which indicates that the BDE has no
property for specifying a role name.

Transaction WAIT
Currently, the InterBase SQL Links driver uses NOWAIT when
resolving lock conflicts and returns an error immediately
if there is a resource conflict. Setting the WAIT ON LOCK
configuration parameter allows SQL Links to use WAIT on
InterBase transactions. This can also be done by setting
the r/w database property dbWAITONLOCK to TRUE.

Explicit transactions
The new BDE configuration parameter COMMIT RETAIN allows
explicit transactions to use soft commit. The new database
property dbCOMMITRETAIN also does this. Only explicit
transactions are affected. The existing driver flags are
still valid for explicit transactions.

  COMMIT RETAINING = TRUE    calls isc_commit_retaining()
  COMMIT RETAINING = FALSE   calls isc_commit_transaction()

The information for the FOURDIGITYEAR and YEARBIASED
parameters has changed. The following supersedes the
descriptions in the BDE Administrator online help.

  Determines how the BDE treats the century portion of a
  date when only the last two digits of a year are
  specified. If set to FALSE, the century part of the
  date's year is added automatically based on its relative
  position in a baseline range. If the date falls between
  01/01/00 and 12/31/49, the year is considered to be in
  the 21st century (05/20/22 becomes 05/20/2022). If the
  date falls between 01/01/50 and 12/31/99, the date is
  considered as being in the 20th century (12/08/98 becomes
  12/08/1998). A TRUE setting has no effect on dates
  expressed with a century (the year of a new date of
  12/30/1902 remains 1902).

  If set to TRUE, the year for the date is assumed to be
  literal (no century digits automatically prefixed to the
  date). For example, a date expressed as 07/72/96 is
  considered to be the year 96 (0096).

  FOURDIGITYEAR has an effect in such places as date
  literals in SQL statements.

  Tells the BDE application whether or not it should add
  the century to years entered as two digits. For example,
  if TRUE and you enter "7/21/96," the BDE application
  interprets your value as "7/21/1996". If set to FALSE,
  the date is interpreted as entered (in this case,
  "7/21/0096"). YEARBIASED uses the same range
  considerations as FOURDIGITYEAR for determining the
  century used.

New MS-SQL Server 7 Driver
The SQL Links (not available with all editions of Inprise
programming tools) driver for Microsoft SQL Server now
supports version 7, in addition to support in the same
driver for version 6.5.

SQL Links uses DBLIB (native API for MS-SQL Server).
DBLIB only implements the MS-SQL Server 6.5 feature set.
This means that new types in MS-SQL Server 7 like GUID,
Unicode, and CHAR columns longer than 255 characters are
not supported. Microsoft will not be adding support for
these new types to DBLIB, so the SQL Links driver does not
support these new MS-SQL Server 7 types.

Both Microsoft and Inprise strongly recommend that you use
the client software appropriate for the version of MS-SQL
Server used. That is, use version 6.x client software only
with 6.x server software and version 7 client software only
with version 7 server software.

Performance Improvements on DbiModifyRecord
DbiModifyRecord no longer generates an UPDATE statement on
unchanged record buffers. This improves performance.

How To Get Updates
Updates to the Borland Database Engine (BDE), SQL Links,
and documentation for the two may be distributed in a
number of ways. Updates are available from the BDE
Developer Support Web page. See the URL:

The BDE Developer Support Web page also contains tips,
links to Technical Information sheets (TIs), examples, and
other useful technical information.