JeffS63729 wrote:

> My app's EXE is getting quite large (2.6 MB) so I decided to split off its
> 2 main functions as two separate EXE's. When I recompiled the project,
> however, my EXE hadn't shrunk very much at all considering the number of
> files/forms that had been removed.

> I've even gone so far as to copy just those files that pertain to a new
> subdir, make a new project adding just those files and compiling with the
> same result.

> Any tricks on how to keep the EXE's small? For instance, my main form
> contains lots of code. If I split this up into smaller PAS files and called
> them from the main form, would this result in a smaller EXE than keeping
> all that code on the main form itself?

> Jeff

Splitting up your exe won't do much good, because the VCL is compiled in
to the exe. neither will breaking up the big unit into smaller ones
( although that is a good thing to do for maintenance reasons }. delphi
supplies a compiler switch you can turn on to optimize the EXE for size
and load time. go to project options, and it's either on the compiler or
linker tab.. I can't recall.

Sebastian Schepis