Can only run queries when stepping through

Robert Claffie wrote in message <>...

>I'm trying to edit an Interbase table by reading a couple of fields,
>running a couple of queries from the values and then changing the values
>of a couple more fields.  Going from record to record should post the

>The problem is that the procedure starts fine and then eventually just
>goes spinning away on its own and the program lists as "Not Responding"
>in the task list.  However, if I stop the process with a ShowMessage, it
>will execute correctly and properly edit the table.

From where are you starting this process? If you are doing this from within
an event of a dataset (TTable or TQuery) or a Datasource, and if any of the
selects or updates are on that same dataset then you can easily get yourself
into an infinite recursion.

Can't make any better guess than that without seeing that procedure.

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