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Re-boot when running app

Question: What could be the cause of Borland TP 7.0 re-booting a computer
when trying to run an application?

   I've got an application which, when compiled, is 40,000 lines long
with all of its units and such.  It used to work all the time, but lately,
it won't let me run this application from inside TP.  I can change it and
re-build and compile it with no problem, but when I try to run it my computer
re-boots.  I can run the compiled executable from outside of TP just fine.
My machine is connected to a Novell Netware.

   I'm wondering whether it may be a memory problem, bad code, a hardware
problem, configuration, etc.  I need to be able to trace through and debug it.

   Any thought and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Brian Bouck
Ill Computer Programmer
Brigham Young University


Re:Re-boot when running app

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:Question: What could be the cause of Borland TP 7.0 re-booting a computer
:when trying to run an application?

This is a common but a very elusive problem often casused by leaking
arrays or pointers. For some more on this please see

 83677 Jul 5 11:46 Common Turbo Pascal Questions and Timo's answers

   All the best, Timo

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