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Memory consumption

Hi newsgroup,

can someone explain me this (it's about memory usage):
When creating a small app, say a TDatabase and a TQuery (doesn't matter if
against BDE or JET[using Opus]) and a button (opening the database and the
query, then closing the query [close] and the database[connected = false]),
and run this app, the memory usage is 'normal' until i click the after pushing it the memory usage ('real' and 'virtual') goes
up some megs and STAYS there, even if the query and the database is closed
(or even freed [ok, some bytes are freed then, but not some MBytes.]) .

Can someone tell my how i can free this allocated memory ?? Or even explan
WHY it stays allocated??
(The memory is allocated on calls to DBIInit and DBIOpenDatabase, some memoy
is freed if i call session.close, but after that call i can't access a
database anymore:)
Hope it isn't to wired to understand.. ;-)


Re:Memory consumption

My guess is that what you are seeing is the BDE allocating memory for its
read cache the first time you open a table. Some memory will also be
consumed by BDE DLLs loading.

Bill Todd (TeamB)
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