'Field1' is not fo the expected type - D3, IP4, BDE5.10, ACC'97

I'm having a problem moving my executable from the development system to the
client system.

Using Delphi 3.02, BDE 5.10, IP4, Access '97 (OCBC), ttable. NT4.0 is on all
The BDE and Access were installed from the same disks on all boxes.  The app
works as expected on my box (outside the IDE as well).

When I copy and execute on the client, I get the field1 " is not of the
expected type " message.  The "field" appears to be a literal (column
heading) from an IP4  wwDBGRID.  Stored in a stringlist I think.

Is this a .DLL mismatch of some sort?
BDE version problem?
Known bug with ODBC, etc. ?