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Higher table level is required?

When I'm saving a restructured table I'll get the message 'Higher table
level required', and there's no on-line help to get. When I try again the
message is '[table].db is already in use'. And there's no way to close the
table, even if I drop the savings. After this message it's impossible to
close Database Desktop, whether it's the menu 'Exit' or the close-button. I
have to use crtl+alt+del and close it from the joblist.

Why is this?


Jakob Gram


Re:Higher table level is required?

The message "higher table level required" is displayed if you
restructure a table and add a feature (field type or index type) that
is not supported by the current table level.  The easiest way to avoid
this is to change the default Paradox table level in the BDE
Administrator to 7.


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