SQL Memo Fields & Stored Procs

I've created a stored proc on a the server to insert a record into a
table that has a text field.

I'm using a TStoredProc to call it.

The text field on the server is to receive the a memo type data string (
some as large as 132K).

I set the Param in the TStoredProc to the corresponding text but when I
execute the stored proc I receive the following error;

General SQL error.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]String data right truncation

This error does not occur if I leave the text param blank or fill it
with text with a length of < 256 or so characters.

Is there a way to use a stored proc to insert or update SQL Server
tables with large (memo) text objects.

Btw, I'm running SQL Server 6.5 SP 4 and NT Server SP 3.

Thanks in advance.