Delphi crashes on New Project

Hi, I've got a problem which only started happening 1/2 an hour ago.

When I load Delphi everythings fine.  I can open my existing projects
and work to my heart's content.  But when I open a new project, Delphi
drops to DOS and freezes.

It seems to work fine if I 'new' with a default/plain application
template, but if I use anything like MDI/SDI etc. it crashes.

I did however create a new project template this morning, but it was
working when I  'new project'd with that template.

Now, 4 hours later and I've just returned to delphi, and my computer,
it doesn't seem to work?  No one else has used the machine.

I did however run a defrag and abort 1/2 way thru, scandisk reports no
bad sectors or anything.

Any one got any ideas?!?!!?!?!?

Thanks in advance,

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