Announcing APPLICATION RUNNER - The Ultimate Desktop Utility. PLEASE READ!!!

* Announcing - APPLICATION RUNNER - for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 *
*    The Ultimate Desktop Utility For Running PC Applications!     *

Application Runner is truly the ultimate desktop utility for running
your PC Applications. See the KEY FEATURES below and find out more
by accessing the Application Runner World Wide Web Page at the
following URL:

This web site includes screen images showing Application Runner
in action to give you an idea of the look and feel of the software
before you download it. Please at least take a look. I'm confident
many of you will find Application Runner to be just what I claim it
to be - the ultimate desktop utility for running PC applications!


o Group all of your frequently used applications and other files
  into up to 24 categories that you define with an unlimited number
  of files assigned to each. Run applications and other files from a
  category with a single mouse click.

o Easily populate categories using Program Manager/Start Group data
  gathered by Application Runner or by simple PC directory navigation.

o Run ALL of your Program Manager/Start Group applications from a
  single user-friendly interface irregardless of whether or not
  they've been assigned to a category. Windows 3.x users can leave
  Program Manager minimized and Windows 95 users will typically only
  need the Start Button to shut down the computer. This feature alone
  makes Application Runner a powerful desktop utility, but there's
  much more!

o Select ANY file on your PC to run (if not an executable you can
  create an association for the file's extension) or use as a run
  parameter to another application.

o Highly configurable: change screen colors, define quick apps,
  create custom file extension filters, and much more.

o Choose from four different toolbars to conserve screen space and
  gain even faster access to your applications.

o Comprehensive HELP system that clearly explains everything you need
  to know about using Application Runner.

o There's no other desktop utility available that allows you to
  configure and access your applications and other files as quickly
  and easily as Application Runner. That's why I wrote it!

* Bruce Arlan Blank (aka BLANKWARE) author of Application Runner  *
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