Anybody know Mark Stehr???

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zum Thema *Anybody know Mark Stehr???*:

c> I recently downloaded VESATP11.ZIP from SimTel.  It's a really nice
c> shareware VESA unit and I would be happy to send the author (Mark Stehr) his
c> $$ for the full version.  However, before I send off the cash, I would like
c> to know if he's still at the address given in the documentation.  I sent him
c> an e-mail some time ago, and have had no reply.

c> So if you know his whereabouts, could you please let me know?

I only know his WWW-Page. It is:

But it hasn't been updated since August. Nevertheless you can download the  
more recent version 1.2 there.

c> Thanks
c> Len