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making a backup of paradox database

What would be the best method of making the backup ? So far I use
"copyfile" and "findfirst" to find all files in database directory and copy
them to a backup directory. If there are no files in the directory no
backup is made and info message displayed. This is safe provided two things
do not happen:
1)The user deletes some backup files - in this case restoring files from
the damaged backup susseeds without any exception message.
2)Database itself makes, in course of time, some additional files for
tables or their indexes - if this happens, the backup would differ from the
changed database, so while restoring the base my application would
overwrite some files and leave out the additional files without any info
message. I am afraid that the additional files would corrupt the restored

This I need to know. I am not going to create any database (tables,
indexes) files in my code. But may database itself create some new files in
paradox database directory ? I hope it is understood what I am asking


Re:making a backup of paradox database

I've done that successfully for years without a problem. Unless you're doing
something unusual, such as creating new tables of variable structure based
on data, etc. you should be OK. Any files created are likely to be temporary
files, such as for queries, which do not matter if they are saved.
Alternatively, you can have two backup directories, which you alternate, and
empty one and copy everything. That way, you have an exact copy. If
something goes wrong, you have the other directory.

Steve F (Team B)

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