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Turning off DOS INT 10H with 5.02

I am using Borland C++ 5.02 to develop a 16 bit DOS application that is to run on an embedded computer (AMD AM188ES Eval Board).

The embedded computer emulated the DOS INT 21H so I am OK there.

The problem is that during initialization (before main is called) a DOS INT 10H is being issued to initialize video.

Does anyone know how I might turn this off?

Thank you for your assistance.




Re:Turning off DOS INT 10H with 5.02

If the evaluation board is a PC emulator then it should support the BIOS
including int 10H.

Assuming that you are unable to coerce the board into correctly emulating
the PC environment, you could go into the source code for the runtime
library and remove the int 10H or you could remap the int 10H to a retf,
__emit__(0xCB), instruction in your code   Get the old vector with int 0x21
function 0x35 and remap it with int 0x21 function 0x25.

.  Ed

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