Random Access Violations and Floating point errors with Quick Report

just add
in the AfterPreview event of the QReport component

This really works....

Marcelo Carone Aboumrad <mabou...@embratel.net.br> wrote in message


> Hi all !

> I am very confused about a problem that is happening with my application.
> have a large app that has several forms and report forms (using Quick
> Report).

> Sometimes when I close a preview (not a custom preview) and open a new
> I get random Access Violations messages and sometimes Floating Point
> Exceptions (EInvalidOp). After these error messages, my program keeps
> working, but I don't have a clue of what is causing this. Delphi doesn't
> stop at the source code. I think it's a Quick Report bug, but I can't tell
> for sure. I already tried all compile and link options to remove these
> messages but I didn't have any sucess.

> If somebody can help me, thanks in advance !

> Regards,
> Marcelo Aboumrad
> mabou...@embratel.net.br