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tnvt component 4 Delphi

Does anybody know a Delphi2 component that works
toghether with a TelNet component to create a
telnet-oriented vt100/ansi terminal emulator?

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Re:tnvt component 4 Delphi

Cesar Augusto Groh <> wrote:

>Does anybody know a Delphi2 component that works
>toghether with a TelNet component to create a
>telnet-oriented vt100/ansi terminal emulator?

There is a component mjwcrt which emulate a crt, you will have to
write your own emulation of the vt100.

{ TMJWcrt component - version 1.00b

  Copyright 1996 (c) by Michael Wilcox

  This component:
    - is Freeware, do not pay money for it!!!
    - is used at your own risk.
    - is open to amendments - please give credit.
    - can be published or supplied on CD-ROM (only if not amended)
    - would be ideal for a debug screen, terminal emulator, DOS
Screens etc.


    { Public declarations }
    constructor Create(Owner : Tcomponent); override;
    destructor Destroy; override;
    procedure Paint; override;  {Paint Method}
    procedure ClrScr;   {Clears Whole Screen}
    procedure ClrEol;   {Clears to End of Line}
    procedure ClrEoP;   {Clears to End of Page}
    procedure WriteBuf(Buffer: PChar; Count: Word); {Prints Buffer}
    procedure WriteChar(Ch: Char);      {Prints Character}
    procedure Writeln(ss: Tcaption);    {Prints String with Return}
    procedure Write(ss: Tcaption);              {Prints String}
    procedure GotoXY(x,y: integer);     {Moves Cursor Location}
    function  WhereX : integer; {Gets Cursor X Location}
    function  WhereY : integer; {Gets Cursor Y Location}
    procedure Print;    {Prints Screen Graphically}
    procedure Copy;     {Copy screen to clipboard}
    procedure Set80Mode;        {Use 80 columns and Font80}
    procedure Set132Mode;       {Use 132 columns and Font132}


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