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In article <50m29f$> (Max) writes:
>From: (Max)
>Subject: Want to write GAMES! PASCAL OK?
>Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 05:16:42 GMT
>        I'm just a beginner of Pascal!  I want to write some games.  I wonder
>if Pascal is low-level enough to write VGA games?  I used to do my
>programs in C (just some very small graphic programs, like showing a
>picture on the screen), but I'm really tired of using C 'cause I have
>to deal with a lot of things like OOP, pointers!
>        Anyway, Is Pascal a good language for a beginning game programer?
>        Please tell me what you think by E-mail and posting here so that
>everyone can share your valuable opinion!

What you really need to do in order to write some decent code without messing
around is get some stuff that will do it for you.
I suggest you have a look at the ftp archives that have really good code. try

  x2ftp  &   simtelnet.
I forgot their adresses but i use local mirrors..

progrms that are must have is
2svga by Jou-Nen Chen & something called Gfx_.....
Really good stuff.
and if you want originality first use those things then when you have a
skeleton you should try and write you own compatible routines for each
procedure.. 1 at a time and it can be thus easily debugged..and you can always
go back.