background Texture, DelphiX, DirectX6

Hello !

Ive a Problem with DelphiX and Direct3DRM (DirectX 6 ! ,Delphi 3) using a
Surface as a Textur for the Bachground Image in a D3DScene !

My isolated Code looks like that :

procedure TBaseFormX.DXDrawInitialize(Sender: TObject);

   empty_Image   : D3DRMIMAGE;
   bkg_texture   : IDirect3DRMTexture;
   EmptySurface  : TDirectDrawSurface;


     EmptySurface := TDirectDrawSurface.Create(DXDraw.DDraw);



but theres is nothing shown !

Using :


works, but didnt solve my Problem !

I hope you can help me ...

Dominik F.

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