record retrieval


I'm new to client server and ADO.
could someone confirm the correct approach to the following.

Using SQL7 on an NT server from networked win 98 client machine.
A single record has over 100 fields on 3 pages of a tabbed notebook.

1  what is the correct programming method to retreive a single record and
save any changes.

2 what is the correct method for retreiving records into a dbgrid for
browsing before selecting a single record.

3 I guess this will be opinion only at the moment.
   Dare I start developing with Interbase instead of SQL server7.  I am
about to change from Paradox7 BDE multi user to
   2 or 3 tier client server.  Before Christmas this was my intended route,
now I'm not sure which route to take.
   Any opinions will be much appreciated.........   As will cheques. if
anyone feels compelled to send massive donations I
  can forget the whole thing,  build a slide and some swings, and go and
play in the garder for the rest of my days.