TreeView text 'hint'


I placed a TreeView on a form in C++ Builder 3, and then populated the tree.
If the tree is too narrow to display the text for an entire item, the
complete text is displayed
when the mouse pointer is placed on that text.  The complete text appears
exactly where
the text normally is, but it appears in a hilighted box that extends past
the right edge of
the tree.  This only happens when the mouse pointer is on an item whose text
not fit within the width of the TreeView.

If I do the same thing in Delphi 3, the text underneath the mouse pointer is
displayed in
a hilighted box, but not in the same place as the original text, but rather
below the mouse
pointer, in the manner of a 'hint'.  The 'hint' seems to appear whether or
not the text's
width exceeds the width of the TreeView.

I much prefer the way it is working for me in C++ Builder 3.  I have all the
properties set
identically, in both Builder and Delphi, as far as I can tell.   Why do the
controls work
differently? Is there some property that needs to be set?  I have the
ShowHint property
set to False in both cases.  Perhaps the VCL is slightly different in these
two products.

I would greatly appreciate some help on this issue.