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"Table busy" - Paradox on server


Using Pdox7, D4Pro, BDE (recent version - within the last 2 months).

I have my executables on Win98 machines and a Pdox7 data table (that I wish
to share between the executables)  on an NT server. Local Share = True on
the W98 machines and NetDir is on the server. In other words, I have things
set up like you would for a peer-to-peer network, except the data tables are
on a server.

Everything works fine from any machine as long as the program is not running
from any other machine.

When I try to run the program from a second machine I get "Table is busy"
error (referencing the data table).

What am I overlooking? Can it be done this way?




Re:"Table busy" - Paradox on server

Make sure the BDE is configured as described in,1410,15247,00.html and it should


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