DB App fine on NT, SLOOOOOOOOW on win95. Why?


I'm new to Delphi, and am designing a Database application to be deployed
on Windows 95 startions, talking to a MS SQL Server on NT 3.51.

I have been designing the app on NT and testing it as a standalone executable
since it doesn't seem to run well within the Delphi environment.

I am using Delphi 1.0 Workstation with an ODBC alias set up to talk to the
database server, and all works fine.

However, when I run the program, or any app that uses the BDE on my Win95
workstation, it takles forever to do anything with the database.  To open
a single table takes about 11 seconds after the login prompt for an simple
DB-Wizard app to start.  My real app links about 6 tables together and takes
over 36 seconds to start up.

I thought it might be a network problem, but I ran the application on another
NT box, and it ran fine.  The Win95 station works fine for the ISQL program
talking to the SQL Server, so it's not that.  MS-Access can work with the
file liked as an external table, so it's not the ODBC holding it up.

Any suggestions?  This is killing me, as I need to deploy this soon!

        Thanks Muchly,

        Brian G.