Bug in BDE will not be corrected - Which BDE version should a poor 16-bit developer distribute?

Two months ago I posted a description of a bug in BDE 2.52.
Basically, this BDE will sooner or later mess up indexes of any table that
contains extended characters (ASCII > 127). Here is a link to my original


(After that post was written, I got to establish that the problem exists in
BDE 2.52 only.)
I got several confirmations that this is an alive problem, so I posted a
bug report with Borland in the end of December.

Since I found the bug rather disturbing and potentially quite dangerous, I
also sent a personal e-mail to four or five persons that I know are
associated with Borland, to be sure the problem would get the proper

So, Guess What Happened?

The same BDE 2.52 (from one year ago) is still the 16-bit BDE of choice on
Borland's BDE download page, and I have NOT gotten EVEN A SINGLE POOR
ANSWER from Borland! (Except the auto-reply when I submitted the bug
report, of course, saying "Expect an answer from a technician soon".)

Conclusion: Borland does not care a damn about 16-bit developers. (Wasn't
there a quick count on UseNet this winter showing that an approximate 50%
of all Delphi development is done 16-bit?)

So, developing in Delphi 1, and delivering to 16-bit as well as 32-bit
platforms, what options do I have?

Switch to Delphi 2? I really have many customers demanding 16-bit
Use 32-bit BDE when my 16-bit programs are to be run on 32-bit platforms?
  It does not work, does it? Enlighten me please...
Use BDE 2.50? It crashes with Window 95.
Use BDE 2.52 and live with corrupt indexes? Well, how will that work with
32-bit FAT in Win95B?
Any good experiences with BDE 2.51?
Any other ideas? Do I have to buy Delphi 2 just to do an alternative
compile for 32-bit BDE?