Licensing an InterBase - Server on AIX 4.1


Perhaps this is a newbe question but we have problems licensing an
InterBase - server on IBM AIX 4.1.2 (PowerPC).

The following steps have been completed successfully:

* instaling the interbase server into /prod/tiwin32/interbase
* creating a dynamic link /prod/tiwin32/interbase -> /usr/interbase
* adding /usr/interbase/bin to PATH
* entering the required licensing information for interbase 4 (no error
message here)

When I try to connect to 'employee.gdb' in isql, I receive the following

Database: /usr/interbase/examples/v4/employee.gdb
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -906

product INTERBASE is not licensed

Does anybody have an idee what might be wrong?

One thing that seem a little bit strange to me is that 'uname -m' returns
0021F681E100' but iscinstall tells me that the NODE is 15.

Thank you very much for your assistance!