(Unresolved Repost)

I have been trying to make D3 Professional accept the APPLICATION NAME
and HOST NAME parameters.  I don't believe that the standard parameters
for the TDataBase object will do the trick because it does not pass any
optional parameters in the open function.  The only items it appears to
accept are PASSWORD and USER NAME.

Remember this is an ODBC connection using the BDE but not with C/S or
SQL Links of any kind.  So far I have found no documentation on how to
accomplish this.

I have two ideas but have not been able to make either of them work:

1. Modify the TDatabase Open function to include the optional driver
parameters and stuff WSID and APPLNAME in the list.  These are the
driver specific parameters that MSSQL Uses to set the HOST NAME and
APPLICATION NAME respectively.

2. Call the BdiOpenDatabase function with the paremeters myself and then
link the opened database to the TDataBase object that I have created.
The problem here is that I can't seem to make it accept the
TDataBase.Handle as a parameter or set the property when it returns.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on this.