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Modify controls.pas

I have just modified my Controls.pas file to try a fix for the 00098053 bug
that the awesome Jordan Russell tracked down and believes to have killed.

How do I make Delphi use it?  The one I modified is in %DELPHI%\Source\Vcl



Re:Modify controls.pas

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 10:18:58 -0500, "Jason Loucks"

<> wrote:
>How do I make Delphi use it?  

You can't make Delphi itself use the fix, as you can't recompile
Delphi's packages.  

If you want your applications to use it, put the new file in a
directory on your path so that the code gets compiled.  Note that you
won't be able to build your applications with packages when you do

Nick Hodges
Lemanix Corporation
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Re:Modify controls.pas

Here's what I did:

1) I took the controls.pas from the Delphi source directory and copied it to
my application's directory.
2) I edited that copy (in my app's directory) with the required changes.
3) I compiled my app.  This made a new controls.dcu file in my app's
4) I renamed the controls.dcu file in the Delphi 6 LIB directory to
controls._dcu, and renamed the original Delphi 6 source file (in the Delphi
6 VCL source directory) to controls._pas
5) I moved the new controls.dcu file from my app's directory to the Delphi
LIB directory, and the modified controls.pas to the Delphi 6 VCL source
6) I deleted the copy of controls.pas and controls.dcu from my app's

Now all apps that I compile (I don't use packages) will link with the new
controls.dcu file.  Hope this helps!
Vinnie Murdico
Software with Brains, Inc.

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