EAccessViolation problem with TImage in D2

I have written an application which uses an array of TImage components created
dynamically at runtime.  The images are loaded with bitmaps and the user can drag
from each of the TImage components.  The dragmode is set at manual, and when the TImage
component receives a OnMouseDown, BeginDrag is initiated.  

The program worked fine under Delphi 1 but I've recently began to convert it to the well
documented :) D2 and have had problems.  The program will compile (after a few other changes
mainly involving the new string format) without any problems, but once it is running and I try to
drag from any of the TImage components, the program halts with the following error
"EAccessViolation at address 0041414C, Read of address FFFFFFFF".  It seems that this occurs
immediately on the BeginDrag command under the OnMouseDown event for the TImage.

Does anyone have any ideas, is there some change to the TImage component that may have created
a bug?