Porting A Paradox App to Delphi and Client Server

I have a mature medical billing app written on paradox 7 for
windows-95.  As we gain momentum in marketing the product we hit more
and more larger clients. Paradox with paradox tables is obviously not
the best choice for an installation of say 10 users and adatabase of
several thousand patients and severl hundred thousand transactions...

As I understand it (my knowledge of client server/sql is quite
limited) I could stay in Paradox as the front end and use Interbase as
a client server back end and save porting completely..  Or, do it the
write way (in my mind) and port it to Delphi with an SQL server as the
back end.  

I can convert screens and whatnot without problems.  Even port to
Delphi and leave in Pdox tables I think fairly easilly.  I need to get
a feel for what it would take a client server person with Delphi
experiance to convert the program properly, rehisting the database in
client/server platform.  Just a rough est of time required and maybe
an idea of the rate I can expect to pay someone with those skills.

Currently it involves 8 main forms, 15 min-forms, 3 main-interlinked
tables and 10 or so lookup tables.  Not a huge app in paradox.  I
would be interested in talking with any programmers that would like to
bid on the job also....