RichEdit controls and Wingdings font

In an application I'm working on I want to insert some Wingdings font
symbols in a richest component programmatically.
When I insert a Wingdings character at the cursor position using the
equivalent of:

    {set Wingdings font}
    RichEdit1.SelAttributes.Name := 'Wingdings';
    RichEdit1.SelText := SomeChar;    {this is the character I want to
    {swap back to Arial (say)}
    RichEdit1.SelAttributes.Name := 'Arial';

the character appears as a standard character in some slightly different

If I save and reload this RTF code the Wingdings character appears as it
should. Pasting a Wingdings character copied from elsewhere also works

Examination of the RTF code shows that when I first enter the Windings
character using the above code the RTF \fonttbl entry is
    {\fX\fnil Wingdings;} where X is a digit.

Reloaded code that displays properly has \fonttbl entry
    {\fX\fnil\fcharset2 Wingdings;} instead, so TRichEdit appears to be
converting this as its being re-loaded.

I've tried playing around sending various messages direct to the underlying
Windows Richest control, especially sending EM_SETCHARFORMAT messages using
various values of the CHARFORMAT bCharset and bPitchAndFamily fields to try
to get the \fcharset2 token included - all to no avail.

Is there some richest genius out there who can help please?

Peter Johnson