Delimited ASCII table problem

I am working on an application that uses either a Local Interbase
or SQL Server database, and allows import to it from dBase, Paradox, or
ASCII tables, via a tTable. The dBase, Paradox, and fixed format ASCII
work fine, but delimited ASCII always bombs out, apparently when
attempting to read a floating point value into a local variable. I have
read Borlands technical notes explaining how the *.sch file field length
and offset are actually used with delimited ASCII for the virtual fields,
and have tried every reasonable adjustment to this I could think of,
without success.
        If anyone has been down this road and knows the answer, or even
has groundless intuitive suggestions, Id love to hear from them!

Much Thanks,


p.s. I (thought I) posted this yesterday, but it didnt show up on my
server - I apologize if this is a duplication for some folks.