I want to cancel an Error message when trapping error in ConnectComplete

I have found how to trap network disconnection but i'd like to show my own
error message and not the ODBC error message.  Actually, when the event is
complete, the ODBC message appear.  I've tried to set EventStatus to esOK,
it doesn't work.  I know i can halt the application but this is not what i
want.  There is the event code.  The error object is an ADO object but it is
a const type.  EventStatus contain different status depending of the
connection success or not.

procedure TdatCogi.connDB2ConnectComplete(Connection: TADOConnection;  const
Error: Error; var EventStatus: TEventStatus);

        if (EventStatus = esErrorsOccured) then
                // here should be the code to trap the error


Hope you can help me
Thanks in advance

Rmy Giard