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Class not registered?

Here's the situation: I've developped a cool application (at least, *I*
think its cool) in Delphi, utilizing the ActiveX FTP component. I copied
the executable to a floppy, and sneakernetted it to another machine, and
tried it. The program produced an OLE error, saying that there was a class
not registered. I figured that might happen, and had heard that you can
include stuff into your installation program with Installshield, so I
installed the one that comes with Delphi. I couldn't find anywhere where
it gives you this option.

So my question is this: When it comes time for deployment, how can I make
sure this class is registered?

Thanks in advance,

-Jon Hartman

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Re:Class not registered?

copy the *.ocx to the c:\windows\system on the target machine
Register the OCX on the targetmachine with TREGSVR.EXE
in ...\Delphi 3\bin\
done !

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>how can I make sure this class is registered?

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