Doing other people's homework


     There's a policy here to not do student's homework for them.  As
you know, the only way to learn programming is to write programs.  We do

encourage students to ask "How do I ..." and "Why doesn't this work?",
but generally discourage the "Please write this program for me"

Bob Schor
Pascal Enthusiast"

I hope you do not mind my quoting here.

I have heard of this policy, and I fully agree with it. I am also
a student and reject the very thought of making other people
do my homework or doing other people's homework. In
other newsgroups I have myself already complained that many
students want their homework to be done by other people.
But also consider that sometimes the whole program provides
the student with more information than some parts of it that have
no connection. Not necessarily every student who formulates
such a request in a newsgroup will try this again later. Once he
or she has understood, the student should afterwards be
capable of solving similar programming problems without any
help. Though if he or she still needs help, a single question
should suffice.