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If you're reading this, then you may be looking for a business that's
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I am very committed into earning a Great 2nd Income from a business that
been running very successfully for the past few years, until recently just
by using regular mail.

The  business was adapted and made available to others in July 1997 by UK
based Gemini Publishing International to operate purely by e-mail
it can still be run by
regular mail as well).   What you will see here represents an incredible
legal money making business that anyone can run from their
kitchen table.   You will receive full instructions - it's so easy to work
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I have been earning substantial profits from regular mail but the earnings
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My present monthly income is over $5000 and growing by the week.  I
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This is a genuine home business, not a chain letter, money game, telecom
scheme or any of the multitude of dubious 'business' offers
that come through your emailbox.   And to prove my sincerity I make NO
CHARGE to join me in my business until you find your first customer - yes
there is a product to sell and it's something of value to everyone,
particularly newcomers, involved in any home business.

If you want more information and follow my success to make it your own,
reply to  mop13...@mail.telepac.pt  insert "SHOWME" in the
subject box and put your full name and e-mail address in the message body.

I will send you a file by e-mail attachment so please specify whether you
want this as a plain text document (*.txt) or if you prefer it as Html
(*.html) or Microsoft Word (*.doc).

With my warmest greetings

Vitor Manuel