Access, Delphi & OLE problem

I have build an Access-application to manage data and a Delphi application
to view the data in a graphical representation.

Via ODBC i access an ACCESS database in Delphi. In a table i have stored
bitmaps which i want to extract in Delphi for usage in my application.
But ACCESS puts my bitmaps in a OLE-container. (Access doen't support the
datatype image, bitmap. Everything it doesn't directly support it puts in a

- So when i try to read my bitmap in a DbImage component it fails....
- When i try to read it as a string it returns about three ascci characters
- The delphi OLE-container component only has the functions 'LoadFormFile'
and 'LoadFromStream' which is not compatible with TField (from my database).

I realize that there are more possibilities to use my bitmaps in my program
(e.g. by putting a directory and filename of the bitmap in my database).
But when i do this my program isn't that user friendly any more.

Does anyone have a solution to my problem?