Object Model Editor for Delphi 3.0????

I just finished reading in InfoWorld (8/19/96, p. 85) an article about
the upcoming release of Borland C++ 5.0.

They mentioned there that the new relase has Together C++, a two-way
analysis and design tool, which graphically illustrate class
relationships, associations, and aggregation using one of three
graphical representations: Coad, Object Modelling Technique, and
Unified. Double-clicking on a method takes you directly to its
definition. Changes in code are reflected in the graphic, and changes in
the graphic are reflected in the code (the Delphi way).

So the question: Can (will) we have it in Delphi 3.0?

And since we talk about wishes - can we have visual Database design
tool, like the one in MS Access and Visual FoxPro, which shows
graphically the relationships between tables, and their indexes?

I hope, someone from Borland is listening :)