Fastest way to plot a

SD/TN>What is the fastest way to plot pixels in Delphi?

SD/TN>What i want to do is update an area (for example 256x256 pixels wide)
SD/TN>pixel for pixel. I tried using .pixel(x,y) but it was to slow.

SD/TN>Any solutions??

Why not use the API call SetPixel? That is as fast as it can get under
Windows, unless you use other special game/direct draws.

SD/TN>Or do i have to make a .DLL/.VBX in C to update this area??
SD/TN>if i want to have some speed??

How would 'C' be any different? You would use the same API calls as with
Delphi, and using a DLL would add even more overhead and decrease speed.
If you want to squeeze those few clock cycles, use assembler instead, if
you have the talent.



Jani Jarvinen, Helsinki Finland

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