Loading a picture in a TImage field and showing it on the screen

OK. Here it is. I want to do a type of Icon Viewer program for myself but
as I started to work on it I came up with a big problem for this kind of
a program...loading an Icon. I use OpenDialog.Files to get all file names
from the directory that user selected. That works fine. Then, I created a
TIcon object with Create method for each file in the list. And works fine!
Then I showd it on the screen with Draw method of a canvas property of
a form. Now, I tried that with a TImage component because I want to be
able to work with objects on the screen, and besides that , when I
minimize the window, and restore it again Icons that are created with
TIcons objects are gone. I loaded pictures in TImage components with
LoadPicture method but they don't appear on the screen. I am sure that
they ARE loaded, I checked it ..but they don't appear even when I call
Show method. What I am missing here. Thanx in advance.


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