JPEG Source Code for C++Builder and Borland C++

JPEG Source Code for C++Builder and Borland C++

Sorry if this is a duplicate. The original post did not show up
on my machine after 24 hours. However,

Due to the large number of requests urging speed over completeness
I have placed C++ source code for a JPEG coder and decoder that
works with C++Builder and Borland C++ on the source code page at

At the present time there is only coding and decoding into a format that
is simple to display on Windows. There is not yet a BCB component.

The package includes a simple example that only uses the Windows API
to display images.

At the present time there is no color quantization so those of you who
are not using 24-bit display modes will get bad results.

And finally, there is no documentation yet. If you do not mind wading through
the code then have at it. I think you will find that this is the clearest
JPEG code you will have ever seen. If you want to learn the black-art of
JPEG then you may want to have a look.

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