WANTED: Upgraded copies of Turbo Pascal


bozzu...@jupiter.rowan.edu (Jack Bozzuffi) writes:
> You know:  like you upgraded to version 7.0 and have the 5.0 stuff just
> gathering dust... or similar senarios...  Particularly looking for
> complete system, including documentation manuals, etc.  This Comp. Sci.
> teacher is attempting to equip his students with  _legal_  home systems
> on which to do their work.

if you want legal copies, why are you asking for illegal (upgraded) copies?

(although I think I remember something about the Canadian government
getting into trouble because they DIDN'T offer upgraded software to
schools -- the software manufacturers were crawling over each other to
be the first to offer amnesty in that special case.  definitely c.s.l).
Russell_Sch...@locutus.ofB.ORG  Shad 86c