Delphi2/BDE32 query not using index

Problem when converting from Delphi 1 to Delphi 2:
A query that takes about 3 seconds to run under Delphi 1 takes 75
seconds under Delphi2 !

Here are the statements:
Select P.Last_Name,P.First_name,P.Pd,
from Players P
where P.Reservation_ID in (5489,6611,5817,6642,5608,5509)
and (P.St ="A" or P.St="A$")

The table Players is a paradox V5 table. It's primary index is
made up of:
        Reservation_ID + St + Member_ID
The table has about 110,000 records in it.
Under Delphi1 it is clear that the BDE is taking advantage of the
primary index to speed execution.
However, it appears that Delphi2 /BDE32 are not.
Is this a bug? is there a work around?
Any help you can offer will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I'll try to return the
favor. SAm.