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Borland Pascal 64k Limit FAQ

> Andrew Sprott ( wrote:

> :  PG>  However both ar 16-bit systems which manifests in a 64kB limit
> :  PG> for a single variable and a single code segment.

> :  Shorely you can split up your global segments into units?

> Splitting the program into units does not help overcome the
> 64 k Limit for variables. It seems to be time to repeat my

> Borland Pascal 64k Limit FAQ
> ----------------------------

> Q: Can a program written in Borland Pascal use (static) variables


> Q: Why is Borland Pascal not a 32-bit compiler?
> A: It's too old. Please tell Borland that you want a new version.

Yes, but will they listen? An attempt was once made to petition them to
update BP/TP for
Dos, but they never did. I wonder if another petition will work for a
Dos 32 bit compiler for BP/TP.


> Q: What is non-static memory?
> A: For example Heap, XMS, EMS, ...
>    Heap is directly accessible, XMS needs a driver (himem.sys),



> Q: What about other Pascal compilers?
> A: Check for example FPK-Pascal and GNU-Pascal.
>    Both are free 32-bit Pascal compilers available for DOS
>    that are more or less Borland compatible.
>    If you want a Pascal compiler for Linux or OS/2, the two same compilers
>    are available for these operating systems too plus a few more, see

Don't forget TMT pascal at

Patrick D. Rockwell


Re:Borland Pascal 64k Limit FAQ

JRS:  In article <> of Tue, 2 Nov 1999
17:07:50 in news:comp.lang.pascal.borland, Patrick D. Rockwell

<> wrote:
> An attempt was once made to petition them to
>update BP/TP for
>Dos, but they never did. I wonder if another petition will work for a
>Dos 32 bit compiler for BP/TP.

The market for a 32-bit Pascal compiler generating DOS code is now
negligible, since relatively few run plain DOS and there is at least one
free BP-compatible compiler.

Most PC users now run Win9x (I think), and Delphi>2 (available on
magazine cover discs) can compile 32-bit Pascal; often a program
requires little or no change to be compatible with BOTH Delphi 3 "DCC32
-cc prog.pas" and BP7/TP7 - my longcalc and mjd_date, for example.  This
further reduces the market.

It might be worth reminding Borland that, when Delphi is ported (as
seems intended) to Linux, provision for generating non-GUI command-line
programs (and of a command-line compiler) should be both easy and

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