ReportSmith 3.0 Printing in draft mode on 132 col printer and other dot matrix funnies

Could you please reply to attention Hannes

1. I am trying to create a report which will print in draft mode on a 132 col dot matrix
printer and also be easy to transfer to a laser. The reports that I have created all
print in draft but occasionally fields in the columns are printed shifted down a few
rows, some are even printed on top of each other while the rest of the row is fine. If
you use different drivers their positions change but the basic problem remains the same.
Printing on a laser is fine.

2. Another problem is that if I create a custom style with a custom page size using true
type fonts the font shrinks on the dot matrix but is true type on a laser.

3. If I create a report using a default style and change the page size the report prints
on both the 132 col and the laser in true type. If I save the report and print it again
it now shrinks on the dot matrix. The laser remains true type.

Any comments or ideas?

Thanks Hannes