Performance issue with Jet4 (Access2000) and queries with like

Dear Newsgroup,

Well, as we figured out here, queries with 'like' and no joker are much
slower with Jet 4.0.

Select * from atable where astringfield like "avalue"
is much slower then
Select * from atable where astringfield like "avalue*"

especially in huge tables these statements decrease performance.

Well, i know it's somehow more bad style than a 'bug' but it's a pitty
Just wanted to let you know...

regards, yves.
"Yves Duenow" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

> Hi,

> Is there a known problem with Access2000 and queries??
> It;s unbelievable to me that the same query is slower with jet4/access2000
> than jet35/access97.

> Is there anything i can do to speed up the queries?? Do i have to optimize
> the queries in a special way??

> The effect raises with the number of returned datasets, the number of
> and the order by - statement.

> i think its the Jet-engine.

> Thanks for any help / information.

> BTW: Table-Access is faster with Access2000 and works fine!  i dont use
> with access97-dbs.

> regards, Yves