"Directory is busy" BDE/VCL error

I just started getting a new error message that strikes during start up
when my app executes a Session.IsAlias method: "Directory is busy". I
suspect it was caused by my setting a Session.PrivateDir value. The error
seems to occur sometimes when you are using DB explorer, or launch another
instance of the app.

But when I don't set that value, I get all kinds of Delxx.xx files (from
cached updates) appearing in my app directory, which I especially don't
want to be created on the server when the app is run over the network. When
I set the PrivateDir value, the files started appearing in the (temp)
directory I set. But now, it seems that setting that directory has caused

Any comments or suggestions?

(The problem occurs using both Interbase and MSSQL).

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