help us test SourceSpell programmer's spelling checker

SourceSpell 2 beta

SourceSpell is a spelling checker for programmers.  It spell checks
string literals and comments in your source code. Version 2 includes
flexible tools to ensure that the image you create with your programs
matches the quality of your code.

We have beta editions of SourceSpell for Windows, Linux, Unix and Unix-
like platforms.  We also have an alpha level Mac version available for

We support C, C++, Delphi/Pascal, Java,
Visual Basic and more.

We are currently testing the English and German language packs and will
be posting beta tests for French, Spanish and Swedish in the near

to download the free Beta.  We hope this will be mutually beneficial --
we will get our program tested, and you will be able to ensure that
your program presents a professional image to your users and colleagues.

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