Help with TPW!!!

I know TP 7 (DOS), Now I need help learning TPW 1.5

I don't understand the Object windows stuff, and the Pascal book I have is for
borland pascal.  I have Turbo Pascal.
Borland uses OWindows, while Turbo uses WObjects.
Some programs won't run even if I change OWindows to WObjects

what I need are some examples for standard windows programing (no OWL)
The examples I need are:
intercepting another windows menu commands
sending menu commands to another window
detecting if a window is present

I know VB4 also, and I would like to learn to do many of the same things with

I know it would be easiest(maybe its the only way?) to do it with OWL,
but it is so different than Pascal DOS commands that it would be a while before
I could do anything worth while with OWL

If U have OWL examples for Turbo (not Borland) Pascal, they would be appreciated

When I say examples, I also mean tutorial pages.

Thanks in Advance


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