TPW 1.5 List Box with Field Columns?

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>Greetings Earthlings!

>I'm looking for a TPW 1.5 List Box routine that supports multiple
>of data, like fields per record, not just multiple columns of the same
>field.  Visual Basic has a grid object that looks like it would work.
>Anyone got a TPW object they'd be willing to provide?

>My e-mail package at work (ECS mail) uses the style I seek to display
>graphic (open/closed envelope), subject, size, date/time, etc.  I'm
>to do something similar in a different app.


>Chuck La Fleur

>please e-mail helpful replies to
>> Try using Tabs in your list box? Drawing graphics in a listbox would

need you to define the listbox as ownerdraw type so that you can
position and paint your graphics.
Good Luck!