HELP: TDatabase.Parms won't accept USERNAME,PASSWORD

I need to have a Delphi 2.0 c/s app connect to an mssql database using bde,
but it has to be able to connect automatically.  I checked the docs and
created a TDatabase component for the database, set for the correct alias and
DB name.  I set the LoginPrompt to False, so it doesn't ask for a login
prompt.  Now, it says:

>If False, then an application will look for login parameters in the Params
>property of the TDatabase component. These are the USERNAME and PASSWORD
>parameters. For example,

>PASSWORD = masterkey

>This is generally not recommended since it compromises server security.

When I do this -- set correct the values in the parms area -- and run the app,
or try to set the Connected property to True on the TDatabase componene I get
the following error:

>Unknown username or password.  Login failed.  Login Incorrect.  Alias:

Can anybody help me?  I know the username and password are correct.  If I use
a login prompt I connect just fine.  There must either be something the docs
forgot to mention, or I'm going to have to write this app a different way.