TStoredProc and SQLServer 6.0


SQLServer 6.0
Delphi app, doing a dbp := TStoredProc.Create.
Building parameter list (in code, since prepare doesn't work).
Starting transaction.
Issue a dbp.ExecProc.

The proc updates a table <Table> and then returns.
In some cases need to call another database procedure to
the job of the first one (updating <Table> further).

The second call is done the same way the first is. I now have a
It seams each dbp.ExecProc creates a new connection to the
SQLServer. This
of course means SQLServer does not detect the second proc is
part of the
transaction the first is in.

1. Is my assumption about the new connection for each
dbp.ExecProc right?
2. If so, is there a way to prevent this?

/Ingemar Lundberg